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Business Manager Job Description

Northside Outreach Center
3080 Meadow Bridge Road
Richmond, Va. 23222
Phone 804-321-3182


The successful candidate will be called of God, be committed to serve as a member of a faith-driven team with a heart for outreach and have a strong interest in the service and ministry to the Northside Outreach Center (NOC).

The Business Manager will assist the Executive Director assuring the NOC promotes and reinforces the idea of excellence while ministering Love of Christ and ability to relate to people of all demographics; donors, volunteers and those we serve.The Business Manager will report to the Executive Director with primary responsibilities being the administrative responsibilities as it relates to managing the NOC financials and reporting, maintaining the donor records, responding to correspondences, providing the end of year reporting and tracking the Executive Director calendar. Additional duties of the Business Manager will be to assist the Executive Director providing supervision, oversight and management or retail as required.


  • Bachelors’ degree in business or 5 years of equivalent experience is desirable
  • Willingness to work as Independent Contractor preferable
  • Strong knowledge of QuickBooks financing/reporting
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to self-manage responsibilities
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self motivated and able to complete tasks as assigned without constant supervision
  • Ability to balance and run sales reports and train others to perform same task in conjunction with filing ST9 monthly sales tax with Virginia Department of Taxation
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good Decision-making
  • Strong Leadership
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Be in good physical health, with the ability to carry at least 40 pounds minimum

Primary Responsibilities

  • QuickBooks: enter donations and deposits, record checks written, reconcile accounts monthly, run reports monthly and annually or as requested
  • Work with Executive Director and BOD to draft a proposed fiscal year budget
  • Pay bills through Bill Pay
  • Send end of Year donation requests/thank you letters
  • Answer NOC Business emails promptly
  • Create and send out a bi-monthly MailChimp electronic newsletter
  • Update donor contact information list regularly
  • Collaborate with Executive Director to create Annual Developmental Calendar
  • Report to the Board as needed for updates, suggestions, requests
  • Track Executive Director Calendar and responsibilities: able to step-in if required due to Executive Director long or short term absence
  • Assist Executive Director in designing and executing all general marketing materials including NOC outreach: Outreach flyers, promo graphics, slides, and files available for churches to promote NOC information digitally

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Oversee the implementation of all On-line Sales: eBay, Facebook, Instagram and other applicable media outlets.
  • Includes working with volunteers to share responsibilities and assure all media is kept fresh and updated
  • Create systems for promoting sales, tracking items and delivering items
  • Develop customer database-to update items for sale and promotions
  • Coordinate with volunteers: scheduling regular and irregular hours, create plan to backfill for worker absence
  • Assist with creating and overseeing store policies/rules
  • Create written system for refreshing Thrift Store look and items
  • Network with similar Thrift Stores for: swapping items, ideas and staying in communication with consignment donors

Hours and Salary

  • 15 hours/week dictated by duties required and as guided by Executive Director
  • Schedule:9am-12pm (M-F), Flexible with Executive Directors approval
  • Pay: negotiable
  • Background Check may be required

To Apply

Contact Butch Johnson at or by telephone at 804-321-3182